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Locating Hay And Feedstuffs


Click on any of the below and most will have links to other states haylists not listed here.  

North Dakota NDSU

South Dakota Extension Service FeedFinder

Minnesota Extension

Information on hay markets and prices, USDA Ag Market News feedstuffs and hay report

Publications, Cash Grain Markets, Cash Livestock Markets, Hay Markets, Commodity Exchanges, USDA Farm Program

Here is a separate service with good listings INTERNET HAY EXCHANGE

  Hay Exchange 

You can list hay for sale or for hay wanted.   National No Charge Internet Hay List

Internet Hay List

for those without internet connections
Free Listings and Purchase contacts

Texas =        1-(877)-429-1998
Colorado =   (303)-239-4114
Idaho =        (208)-332-8530
Kansas =      (316)-227-8881
Montana =   (406)-444-2402
Nebraska =  (402)-372-2864
Utah =         (801)-538-7108
South Dakota = 1-800-228-5254
Iowa =         (515)-281-5993
Wyoming =  1-800-932-6336  or  (307)-777-2860


Listings for these FeedList are free an if you have hay for sale you should list with several.  The purpose of the FEEDLIST program operated by state extension services is to bring buyers and sellers who have and/or need feedstuffs together.  These hay lists have been in operation for some time and are now modified for access on the World Wide Web.  There is no charge to have your entries posted or to use them to locate feed stuffs.  Remember, if you do not have a web connection most public libraries have free net access and are happy to show you how to log on and take a look at these and even print out what you find or to list what you have for sale.  These Haylists are a self-service tool enabling buyers and sellers of hay in the U.S. and Canada to announce and search available or needed hay lots and to view hay lot summary data.  There is no charge to list hay or to search hay listings, and lots are not required to be located within the state you are listing with.  You do not need to register with the system for searches but some require you to register to enter buyer or seller lots.  Registration provides a haylist ID that allows you to easily revise, add or remove your lots.  Buyer and seller lots can be searched by a number of parameters including hay type, bale type, geographic proximity and state or province.  Lots usually remain in the systems for a minimum of 30 days.  

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