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Letters to the Editor 


Taxing the small farmer?  

What does the future hold for the small farmer if the government taxes
the "life" out of them? Don't get it wrong, I love this country, but
where are we going as a nation when we lose more farm land everyday. I
see small farmers every day(10-200 acres) working so hard to keep their
"family farms", yet when it comes time to harvest/sell they get hit with
low prices or end up (April 15th) having to pay exorbitant taxes? I'm
not trying to "start" something ,but I will be the "next generation" of
farmers. I want to know what to expect, since knowing is not only half
the battle but also the only way to keep afloat. I enjoy the over view
your site gives me and all the information you allow us/me to access.
Craig W.

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